North East Constructions

North East Constructions

We are a team of professionals with more than 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. During these years of operation we have been attentive to the client's needs - both immediate and long-term and then translating them into dynamic, well-designed living spaces.

With more than 100 satisfied customers, we have built a strong reputation in the industry way since our beginning in 2006 as real estate developers and construction company in Hyderabad. Promptness is a virtue we value the most and we have always been known to complete our projects on time. And this is not done at the cost of quality. Under the supervision of our very experienced engineers and skilled management, we guarantee each one of our customers with 100% quality constructions and customer care.

North East Constructions strongly considers innovation as the way of life across our organization. Touching every facet of modern lifestyle and reflecting the same through the ready to occupy flats and apartments in Hyderabad.

our quality

The foremost objective of North East Constructions, as a commercial entity and for each company member, is to serve at the highest service standards and to provide unlimited client satisfaction.

Excellency is not a choice but a practice and our main goal is to reach this objective. The following are the cardinal principles we follow in all aspects of our activities:

  • Provide design, labour-ship and service quality through each product, reaching the highest quality level..
  • Attend to quality issues in internal communication and provide precious integrated teamwork.
  • Give priority to internal training programs, thereby bringing individual improvement to each member to a level convenient to moderate requirements.
  • Execute individual liabilities completely to reach the quality objectives.
  • Carry out necessary activities for continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
  • Cover the required legal, regulatory and Client's contractual requirements exclusively.
  • Comply with legal legislation about the environment, administrative regulations and the rules that should naturally be obeyed, within the framework of engineering principles, using environment-friendly inputs throughout our activities.